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Recent Work Assignments: May 2002 to Present

Work on Ed-U-Games, an interactive web based educational game system.

Work Assignments: 1 August 2000 to 7 May 2001

Summary: Experience with Enterprise Java, LDAP, XML, Oracle, Windows NT, Networking, Bluestone Java Application's Server, Visual Source Safe, StarTeam, Major Team Java Development procedures

Details: From August of 2000 I have been employed by Innoventry of San Francisco California.  The chief product of Innoventry was a check cashing machine that used Biometric face recognition to allow people without bank accounts to cash pay checks by machines located in high traffic supermarkets etc.  During my employment, the company went from under 400 to over a thousand machines and received third tier funding.  

I was hired to write the call center operator interface .  We used  Java version 1.3 and Swing exclusively.  The Java Software interfaced with an LDAP server and Oracle database.  I was part of a team that was writing the various applications used by the operators such as  signing up customer and looking up customer's credit history.  Completed Java files were uploaded daily to Visual Source Safe and starting in December, Star Team.  The Build and Release Engineer then created a build daily from these files.  I started out knowing a lot about client side Java, In working on this project, I learned a lot about Enterprise Java and  how companies coordinate team Java development.  

In January of 2001, on completion of the above assignment, I volunteered to help create and manage the System's Test Lab which solved a need of the developers to be able to test  software on multiple builds.  The lab consisted of the full complement of hardware, including the check cashing machines, backend servers and call center computers.  Because of the close association with the builds, I also become the backup Build and Release Engineer and was  also tasked with installing and problem solving Test Releases on QA and  Call Center computers.

During this time, I became very familiar with the entire server side suite of software  which ran on the Bluestone Application's Server under Window's NT.   After each daily build, I was responsible for clearing the different databases and running a series of automated tests written in Java and using XML files as input.   I was responsible for tracing down problems and either correcting them or figuring out the responsible developer and bringing him or her in on it.  I solved both hardware and software problems and automated the build  and test process, when possible, with DOS and Windows Batch programs.