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My first assignment out of College was as an Officer In Charge of building  a fuel tank farm in Vietnam.  I learned Critical Path Method Scheduling from the field handbook and created my own PERT Charts to convince the Construction Battalion Operations Office to provide me with the heavy earth moving equipment I needed.  

My second year in Vietnam was with the State Department where I commanded a US Navy Seabee Team.  I had at my disposal a broad inventory of construction equipment and personal.  I used my engineering and management skills to manage numerous projects as well as command troops in combat zone.

On my return to the States after two years in Vietnam, I entered Stanford University and received an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering which included a lot of project management courses and a Master's Degree in Engineering Management which included advanced courses in Project Management.

My first job out of Stanford was as the Assistant Public Work Officer at a large Marine Corps Air Station in Arizona.  I was an Assistant Department Head with 170 people under me.  I was also Assistant Housing Officer with an inventory of 690 government owned  house.

After returning to the Bay Area, I was both the Public Works Officer for Hunter's Point Naval Ship Yard and then the Assistant Acquisition's Coordination Officer for the Navy's Western Division with an annual capital expenditure of over $250 million.  In this position, I oversaw the management of projects  from initial inception, engineering study, congressional line item submission, funding, design, and construction.   I became particularly adept at engineering contract negotiations

With the creation of the Department of Energy's Elk Hills Petroleum Reserve, I become the MIS Director and managed the personnel and equipment necessary to implement a $400 million capital improvement project.  I later become a Project Engineer and managed $100 million on capital improvements.

My next job was as a Project Manager for the Department of Energy San Francisco Office.  Here I managed numerous hi-tech projects around the Bay Area, including Lawrence Livermore and the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

I left the Department of Energy to get on the ground floor of the emerging industry of Alternate Energy and become a Project Engineer for Wind Farms Ltd.   Unfortunately, this was a start up that did not get to the second round and went out of business in less than a year.

My last major position before starting my own company was as the Manager of Design and Construction for Sprint Communications.  I oversaw the Manager who oversaw the Project Engineers who oversaw the design and construction of the Sprint Network.

For the last 22 years, I have managed my own Software Development and Publishing Company.