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Knowledgeable Hi-Tech Guy Seeking New Challenges

Pete Antoniak has experience in a wide range of both technical and non technical work assignments, from the nitty gritty of placing concrete blocks as a Peace Corp Team Leader to hi-tech research projects bordering on science fiction and involving Nobel Prize Winners.

Pete wrote his first computer program as a teenager on the IBM 650 as part of a grant from the National Science Foundation. Later that year he received an appointment to the US Naval Academy from President Kennedy and eventually was privileged to sing in the White House at his funeral. He graduated from the Academy with a degree in Computer Science.

The first of his class to arrive in Vietnam, he started his career in an Engineering Battalion and quickly became one of the youngest Naval Officers with his own command in a combat zone.  The command was a US Navy Seabee Team that was cross assigned to the State Department. Among other things, he was awarded the Navy Unit Citation and Combat Action Ribbon.

On returning from Vietnam, the US Navy sent him to Stanford University for two years with full pay and tuition for a Master's Degree in Engineering Project Management.

Throughout his career, he has sought out the hard and challenging assignments. At one time he even had a Nobel Prize winner on his project team (The Stanford Linear Collider). He was once in charge of the world's largest Wind Turbine Project (Wind Farms Ltd.) and has been a DOE project manager for such advanced things as Laser Isotope Separation and Inertial Confinement Fusion. The latter using the worlds most powerful lasers at Lawrence Livermore Labs.

He understands the process of project management and the ways that computers can facilitate that process. He also understands legal contracts, having successfully obtained patents and trademarks for his Educational Software Company EdUGames. You can see some of his work at:

A former MIS Director for the Department of Defense, he understands computers from top to bottom. He has California Teacher's Credentials, has taught college classes and has written four books on computer applications for business.

He is also no stranger to large projects. He joined Southern Pacific Communications when it was around 100 strong to form the Facilities and Plant Development Department which built what has become Sprint Communications. During that time, he not only headed up all company building programs, but also helped with the transition from analog to digital communications. He understood T1 lines back when the fastest modem was 300 baud. Although he can't prove it , he predicted the Internet many years ago while at Sprint.

When Sprint was sold to US Telephone and the headquarters moved to Kansas City, he decided to pursue a dream of creating his own software company. Remember, Bill Gates was only worth a few million then. He has taught, consulted, coded, written books and software applications, written a best selling Educational Game/Tutorial called "The Templates of Doom". Was sued by George Lucas for millions (settled out of court), and pursued and was granted, a software patent on a unique computer game interface.

He has keep abreast of the latest developments in software and is very knowledgeable about the Internet. As CEO of EdUGames, he has written code in HTML, Java, and PERL which are being incorporated into the company web site to create an interactive web browser run game.

For the last 15 years, he has been actively pursuing a dream of creating the Ultimate Knowledge Based Computer Game. This self financed program with its patented game interface can be played at

Lest you think that Pete Antoniak is old and worn out, he works out every other day and regularly runs the San Francisco Bay to Breakers in under 80 minutes. He is an active snowboarder, windsurfer and whitewater kayaker. His team sport is volleyball.

So why is he looking for work? Well, the dream of the ultimate knowledge based computer game is too far ahead of its time.  Schools are many years behind the business community in their computer hardware and software.  It's still not uncommon to  see a school computer lab full of Apple II's.  At some point this will all change as the cost of computers comes down and the funding increases, but that day is years away.  In the mean time his strategy is to tweak the program and create content between contract assignments.

So! What can Pete Antoniak do for you and your company?

Pete Antoniak is an experienced Hi-Tech Manager with a good knowledge of contracts, and is not afraid to learn new things. He can take over the management of your Company or a Department.  Alternatively, he can design and create interactive web based programs.

Pete Antoniak is a project manager with proven leadership and team building abilities who can head up your Hi-Tech projects.

Pete Antoniak is a Registered Professional Engineer who understands Construction and, while at Sprint, built hundreds of facilities throughout the US. He can head up your Company's building program.

Pete Antoniak is also an experienced HTML, Java, and Pearl coder on internet type applications and experienced Excel and Microsoft Visual basic for Applications coder on the Mac and Windows.

Pete Antoniak has a complete office in San Bruno with both PC and Mac Computers, scanners, printers and a DSL connection.  He has three commercial web sites that he can use to test out your programs.

If you have, or are anticipating doing State Funded Contract work, Pete Antoniak holds a DVBE Certification from injuries received in Vietnam and can be hired as a qualifying contractor/subcontractor.

If you are doing Federal government work, Pete Antoniak has held a Top Secret (DOD) and Q (DOE) security clearance.