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A good fit would be a B2B Company supporting the the Construction Industry .   I can bring to that company not only an understanding of what the client wants and needs, but what is technically possible to achieve on the Internet.  

Having associated with many Internet Startups, I know that the job needs and requirements are always changing.   I am versatile and am more interested in joining a Great Company than in getting a great position.  I believe that once onboard, my abilities will be apparent. 

I can bring to a company the ability to do:

  • Product Planning and Strategy
  • Corporate Project Management
  • Client Project Management Consulting
  • Product Management
  • Product Development
  • Java, PERL, HTML,  XML, and Database Programming
  • Customer and Corporate Training
  • Web Page Development
  • Customer Support

I am a team player and pride myself on my ability to mentor and work with others in a team to accomplish objectives.

The links on the left were developed over time and give short detailed descriptions of my background and accomplishments in various areas.  However, I have also prepared a B2B Internet Construction Company specific outline of what I can do for that "Great Company".

I can be reached at 650 952 2375.

Pete Antoniak 


Available on confirmation of an  available assignment.