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Pete Antoniak's DVBE Qualifications

DVBE stands for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. 

The State of California has a program requiring state contractors to subcontract at least 3% of any state awarded contract to DVBE contractors.  This requirement also applies to all utility companies and there is talk of extending it to city and county governments.

As an alternative to requiring each contract to meet the 3% quota, the state allows an enterprise to certify on a yearly basics that it meets a 3% quota on all contracts, government and private.

Pete Antoniak is a DVBE [Certification # 15784] who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, where he was badly injured and recovered.  His mobility is in no way impaired by his disability and it does not interfere in any way with his chosen profession as a Professional Engineer or Computer Consultant.  However, an enterprise that contracts to him is free to claim the above credits as appropriate.

More information on the DVBE program can be obtained at: