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Programming $95/hr
Project Management $110/hr
Teaching/Training Negotiable
Expert Witness Work $180/hr

Travel cost apply for work over 30 travel Miles from SFO

Travel time is billed at 25% of basic rate

Travel,  lodging and other pass through expenses will be billed at cost plus a 10% administration fee.

Payment type: 1099

I have had a licensed business in San Bruno for over 18 years.  I am a professional Licensed Engineer.  The state of California recognizes me as a DVBE Contractor.  I have an office with ongoing business expenses and I fulfill more then the minimum requirements for the government's guidelines for 1099 contract work.  I have worked 1099 for large companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Borland and Broderbund.  I have not worked W2  since starting my own business 18 years ago.  If this is a problem, lets talk..