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Pete Antoniak

Java Developer

I wrote my first computer program in 1962 while in high school. I have since learned numerous languages including FORTRAN, COBOL, Basic, Pascal, HyperTalk, PERL, many spreadsheet macro languages, C, C++ and Java. I have also had to learn numerous operating systems over the years. The result of all this is that I can usually pick up a new language quickly.

My undergraduate degree was in Systems Engineering, which was the Computer Science equivalent of the day. In school, I designed and built both digital and analog computers.

I have been writing Java Code full time for over eight years. My major project is EdUGames which may well be the most extensive client side Java application in the world.  While I was writing client side Java, I was writing the server side counterpart PERL so the two sets of code could interface.

EdUGames is unique enough to carry a US patent

The best way to understand what I can do with Java is to play the game at

In addition to the Game, there are numerous support applications also being written in Java to facilitate the creation of content.  This is done in two parts, the creation of Rounds that are placed into the Master Data Base  and the assembly of Rounds into Sets by Teachers and Game Masters.  The concept is that, in as much as the end product is not tangible, it can be created in CyberSpace by people anywhere in the world. 

Recent Java Employment

From August 2000 to May 2001: Worked as a Senior Java Developer for Innoventry of San Francisco California.  Gained Experience with Enterprise Java, LDAP, XML, Oracle, Windows NT, Networking, Bluestone Java Application's Server, Visual Source Safe, StarTeam and Major Team Java Development procedures.  Details at Recent Work Assignments.

Expert Witness Work

Some years ago I was approached by a lawyer to be an expert witness on a software litigation involving the look and feel of the desktop publishing programs Print Shop and Print Master. I helped the lawyers develop their case and testified in Federal Court as an expert witness. Aspects of the case eventually developed into case law involving the look and feel of software copyrights. I later participated in the Lotus law suits against other spreadsheet developers on the side of the other developers. I continue consulting with law firms on legal issues, especially involving software patents.

Developing the interface to a Large Scheduling Program

While developing and marketing Templates of Doom, I continued to teach and consult. One of the major clients was a company called PolyOptimum which was creating a hospital staff scheduling program that used linear regression programming. The Linear regression aspects of the program allowed a user to come up with the least expensive combination of staff assignments and still cover 100% of projected needs. It looked at the cost of paying overtime verses bringing in a part time staff person for example. The code for doing the linear regression was purchased by PolyOptimum, and I developed the user interface in Lotus 123. In may cases, I had to create ways to stretch Lotus 123 to do things it was never designed to do, like binary math. I continued to program for PolyOptimum over the years as they evolved their product. My last check from them was in 1997. While working with PolyOptimum I learned a lot about team software development. I developed the code while others created the training and instructions sets. I was often called on to create a separate product for a particular client's needs. I also learned a lot about hospital staffing and doctor training.

Other Consulting and Training Assignments

As a consultant over the years, I taught classes for companies and public institutions to numerous to mention. I helped Microsoft create a Lotus 123 macro capability in Excel. I helped Broderbund test the latest version of Print Shop. I helped Borland create a set of interactive user instructions for Quattro. I had a year long assignment with a company called Pinnacle Software to develop an alternative interface to their commercial budgeting program.

My major love

Most of my time over the last 20 years had been in developing EdUGames.  In time EdUGames will be used in all major schools world wide, but for now, I must wait for the schools to catch up with computer and software development. You can check out the program at

The business plan along with my concept of a Cyber Organization are all contained at the web site



The following four companies represent major accounts over the years and for which references can be given on request:

PolyOptimum: I developed a Linear Regression Analysis Hospital Scheduling System as discussed above.

Lucent Technologies (AT&T): For about a year I developing an Excel interface to a company wide management forecasting program. I also started on a project to provide a hand held pen based instrument interface for field installers. The project was never completely funded.

CYGNUS Therapeutic Systems: Over a three year period, I took over a budget program in Lotus 123 version 3 and modified it each year until they could move on to different program.

DFS: I was brought on to develop an Excel interface to an extensive and very complex Buyer Support Program. The program ran into internal company conflicts and was never completed.